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5.2.2018 We are expecting a litter out of October´s Mario and Odorosas Irmelie
4.2.2018 M-litter 16 weeks came for a visit:  Mom Wilma with all her six puppies!
Thanks for everybody!




Eino (O. Mauritz) ja Voltti (O.Mario)

Siiri (O. Marilyn) ja Matilda (O. Marie Louise)

Freja (Marie Mafleur) ja Lumi (Marie Rose)

27.1.2918 Lohja main specialty show for labradors. Lenni (O. Linnaeus) JUN very good, Unto (O. Lupinus) JUN very good, Hippo (O. Josper Jovial) Open clas excellent, judge: Alena Krutská, Tsekki. Karo (O.Kuunlija) JUN excellent, Ruusa (O.La Rose) JUN very good ja Anneli (O. Amelie) VET excellent1 SS- quality, BOS VET, judge: Barbara Krumpak, Slovenia
Thank  You everybody!

Lenni: " 10-months black boy. Very nice type. Now we are sure that he has a long time for developing in front of him. I beleave that today not correct back become in the future stronger. In all other paramets he is perfect. Wonderfull coat. He needs better presentation. Scissorbite"

Unto: "10-months black boy. Elegant type. He need more time for development. Good head and neck. Back is not correct, today in development. Good angulations. Middle strong bones. He needs better presentation. Scissorbite"

Hippo: "2-years very elegant boy. Wonderful´l head and expression. Elegant neck. Straight topline. Good tailset. Excellent forechest, chest and bone. Good coat. Correct movement"

Karo: "Good sized yangster, feminine head, but not my type. Excellent neck and topline. Would prefer a bit longer upper arm to form a bit better front angulations. Well angulated in behind. Miss all the coat to round up the appearance"

Ruusa: "Middle sized. Nice temperament. Good lay of shoulders- A bit soft topline. Slightly falling croup. Would prefer a bit better angulations overall. Not in her best coat today. Would like to use her backlegs for more drive in behind"

Anneli: "Stunning oldie goldie with 12-years so much quality. Excellent rib cage, topline, angulations. Good condition. Lucky owner, can be proud"

photos above: Katja Keskitalo

20.1.2018 Some guests in the forest: Maya (O. Isolde), Wenla (O. Giulia), Mette (O. Gerbera), Wilma (O. Henriette), Freja (O. Marie Mafleur) ja Siiri (O. Marilyn). Mukana myös Anneli, Irma and Aulikki:




Voltti ja Eino


Matilda and Siiri

6.1.2018 L-litter 18 months!: Armi (O. Lazarella), Lenni (O. Linnaeus), Nelly (O. Lilian), Ruusa (O. La Rose) and Unto (O. Lupinus).
Video (by: Otto Kovanen)

Unto and Lenni


Ruusa and Nelly


1.1.2018 Odorosas in Lapland

Happy New Year 2018!