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Four black males and three black bitches were born in 28th of March


FI CH Strongline´s Yahoo x Odorosas Bon Arrivee


Tarmo & Irma


Tarmo in Finnish database

Irma in Finnish database

Some photos of Tarmo

Irma´s own page

Strongline´s kennel

Sire FIN45794/08 FI CH Strongline´s Yahoo, Tarmo
Dam FIN58710/08 Odorosas Bon Arrivee, Irma
Bitch FI27292/12 Odorosas Eau De Mer, Nuppu
Bitch FI27293/12 Odorosas Eau De Rose, Bella
Bitch FI27294/12 Odorosas Emilie, Elli
Male FI27295/12 Odorosas El Bimbo, Poju
Male FI27296/12 Odorosas El Nino, Nemo
Male FI27297/12 Odorosas El Primo, Watson
Male FI27298/12 Odorosas El Tio, Dobby


FI MVA Strongline´s Yahoo


Eyes: OK




AM CHSure Shot Hyspire Impressive

 AM CH Windfall´s Pipe Major

 AM CH Hyspire Darktown Strutte

AM CH Windfall´s Black Piper

AM CH Janrod´s Tammy Whynot

 NL CH LUX CH AM CH Raintree Slippery When WEt

 AM CH Janneka Way´s Sunny Side Up


FI CH Strongline´s Quantanamera

 GB CH Carpenny Anchorman

 Augustus Tuplady of Leonspring

 GB SH CH Cowetwood Flouise of Carpenny

FIN CH FIN FT CH Strongline´s Piggywiggy

C.I.B FIN MVA EE MVA MV-98 V-00 SEV-98 EEV-99Tawastway´s Fooling Around

C.I.B FIN MVA EE MVAStrongline´s Jolly Known



Odorosas Bon Arrivee

EeBb, AA/00

Eyes: OK





SU(u) Follies Voyager

AM CH Hightide BOna Venture Cap´n Jack

AM CH Bonaventure´s Clipper

Gregoires Hightide Josie

FIN CH V-05 Follies I Love Lucy

Tweedledum Crispy Duck

Follies Wood Lark

C.I.B FIN CH FI TR CH EE CH Odorosas Amelie

FIN CH Loresho Liberty

V-03 Mailiksen Gentleman

Loresho Get ON

FI TR CH Loresho Real Romance

Mallorn´s Arcturus

Loresho Walnut

Puppies at 6,5 weeks:


Odorosas Eau De Mer:


Odorosas Eau De Rose:


Odorosas Emilie:



Odorosas El Bimbo:


Odorosas El Nino:


Odorosas El Primo:



Girls at 5 weeks:

Eau De Mer + Eau De Rose:




Boys at 5 weeks:

El Bimbo + El Nino:


El Primo + El Tio:


Girls at 18 days:

Eau De Mer + Eau De Rose:




Boys at 18 days:

El Bimbo + El Nino:


El Primo + El Tio:


 Boys (left) and girls (right) at 3 days old:


More photos:

Eau De Mer:



Eau De Rose:




El Bimbo:



El Nino:



El Primo:


El Tio:




E-litter at 0-7 weeks old: