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Breefly about Odorosas


My name is Anu Brunila-Kovanen. I live in Espoo, 30 km from Helsinki with my dogs and  husband.

I began my Labrador hobby in 2003 when I got my first black bitch - FI TR Loresho Real Romance - from Annaliisa Harjukari. After some years with Emma I got an idea to get my own breeder name which I got in 2005. In December the same year my first litter was born from FIN CH Loresho Liberty x Loresho Real Romance;. From that litter, Anneli, C.I.B FI&EE CH FI TR CH Odorosas Amelie stayed with us.

From our second litter (Su(u)CH Follies Voyager x FIN&EST CH Odorosas Amelie) we kept one bitch: FI CH FI TR CH Odorosas Bon Arrivee; Irma. And from the fourth (multi ch Adventurer´s Taittinger x O. Bella Rosa) we kept also one, FI TR CH Odorosas De La Rose, Aulikki. So, we have now three bitches in our home since Emma passed away in December 2016 with whom we spend a lot of time in the nature, visit shows and practise for the field. We have a second home on an island in the Baltic Sea where we spend our time as much as possible.



Before the puppies leave for their new homes they get acquainted with our normal home routines, they have carried game and learned with a whistle.

The puppies will be sold chipped and examined by a veterinarian. The price includes also one year membership to Finnish Retriever Organisation and to Labrador Retriever Club of Finland as well as feeding and training instructions.

The new puppy owners can always ask for the help according to training or any kind of problems.

My goal is to breed healthy, nice tempered and good-looking labradors, who can also work. For me it is important that a labrador is a good companion in all kind of retriever activities.


Anu Brunila-Kovanen

Pihapirtintie 18

02740 Espoo

+358 400 488 688

anu.brunila-kovanen (at) kolumbus.fi