News 2011

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  • 29.12.2011 Emma jr, Aulikki and Neil had a lesson in a swimming school.



  • 6.12.2011 The puppies came for a visit. Thank you for all, we had a very nice day!

  • 12.11.2011 All the puppies have got a new home... but not Aulikki....
  • 9.10.2011 Retrievers speciality show in Lohja: Marvel (O. Besame Mucho) excellent in open class, judge: Barbara Krumpak, Slovenia
  • 9.9.2011. Roosa´s and Martti´s puppies were born, more information in the litter page

  • 4.9.2011 Salo. Emma (Loresho Real Romance) got 49/50 points in blood tracking, that was her third first price.... so, she got a new tittle: TR CH
  • 30.8.2011 Muurla. Emma (Loresho Real Romance) got 48/50 points with first price in winner class in blood tracking. Irma(O. Bon Arrivee) got third price with 26 points in open class.
  • 24.8.2011 Roosa has still a couple of weeks left...

  • 5.8.2011 Roosa (O. Bella Rosa) has been mated. More details in litter page.
  • 5.8.2011 Our new house is soon ready. Still some garden works + dog fens left.

  • 31.7.2011 Blood tracking test in Salo: Emma (Loresho Real Romance) 1 st price in winner class, with 46 points Anneli (Odorosas Amelie) 3 rd price in winner class with 24 points, judge: Virpi Solla
  • 18.6.2011 Kotka int show: Late (O. Calimero) was second in junior class with excellent. Judge: Likorgos Zouboulidis, Greece
  • 5.6.2011 Labrador speciality: Hessu, Late, Roosa, Irma, Anneli and Emma did well in the main speciality in Helsinki: all got excellent! Judges: Piera Zerbi, It. for males and Anja Verbeek, NL for bitches.
  • 2.6.2011 Toijala group show: Irma got excellent in working class and Emma excellent wit cc quality in veteran class - she was also BOB Veteran!
  • 29.5.2011 Sysmä group show. Emma (Loresho Real Romance) was first in veteran class with CC quality, best bitch 2nd, res-CC, BOB veteran and  BIS1VET, Irma (O. Bon Arrivee) was second in working class with with CC quality and best bitch third, Judge: Paula Rekiranta
  • 24.5.2011 We have now moved to our new house in Espoo
  • 15.5.2011 Rauma. All Breed Show. Sylvi (O. Carmen Sylva) Excellent, Late (O. Calimero) Very good,  judge: Beth Sweigart, US
  • 8.5.2011 Int.Show Tampere Toivo (O. Casanova) Very Good, judge: Eva Greg, South-Africa
  • 22.4.2011 Lahti. Irma Very Good, in working class, judge: Robert Whitney, Candada
  • 17.4.2011 Sipoo group show: Sylvi (O. Carmen Sylva) got "very good" and Alma (O. Chamomilla) "good" in junior class. Emma (Loresho Real Romance) got excellent with CC quality in veteran class, was best bitch 4th, BOB veteran and BIS3 VETERAN. Judge: Riitta-Liisa Lehtonen, Finland
  • 9.4.2011 Hirvensalmi group show: Irma got "very good", judge: Tuula Savolainen

·         3.4.2011 Lohja Irma (O. bon Arrivee) got excellent and was second in working class, judge: Matti Luoso, Marvel (O. Besame Mucho) got "very good", judge: Kirsi Nieminen

·         1.4.2011 Odorosas is moving.... a new house is soon ready in Espoo close to the forest

·         16.3.2011 Anneli´s (O. Amelie) C.I.B - tittle is confirmed

·         6.2.2011 specialty show in Lahti. Hessu (O. Bon Voyage) best male second and Marvel (O. Besame Mucho "very goog"), judge: Jan-Roger Sauge, Norway. Roosa (O. Bella Rosa) second in working class with excellent, Irma (O. Bon Arrivee) and Ani (O. Bella Mia) "very good" in open class, judge: Lene Johanssen, Denmark.

  • 23.1.2011 INT show in Turku: Roosa (O. Bella Rosa) "very goog" in open class, judge: Hans Lehtinen
  • 1.1.2011: Happy New Year!