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8.3.2017 G-litter 3-years. Congrats!
5.3.2017 K-litter 16-weeks. Thanks for coming for a visit!: In photos: mom Aulikki and: Jalo (O. Kung Fjalar), Karo (O. Kuunlilja), Konu (O. Kippari-Kalle), Kyllikki (O. Kukka-Maaria), Onni (O. Kuutamoprinssi), Väinö (O. Kalle-Kunkku) and Kyllikki from Hellu´s (O. Helene) family.





Jalo and Konu

Karo and Onni

Väinö and Kyllikki

18.2.-26.2.2017 Odorosas in Lapland


8.2.2017 K-litter 12 weeks at us. Jalo (O. Kung Fjalar), Kaapo (O. Kapteeni Kunkku), Karo (O. Kuunlilja), Konu (O. Kippari-Kalle) and Onni (O. Kuutamoprinssi). THANKS FOR ALL OF YOU

Jalo and Konu

Onni and Kaapo

Kaapo, Jalo and Konu

Konu and Karo

Karo and Kaapo


Jalo and Onni

28.1.2017 Lohja specialty show for labradors. Hippo (O. Josper Jovial Excellent in junior class, Maya (O. Isolde) very good in intermediate class and Irma first in veteran class + Best In Show Veteran. Judge for males: Torunn Sorbye, Norway and bitches: Anne Liland, Noeway

Hippo: "14 months. Well shaped head that not must get broader in skull. Good reach of neck. Well placed shoulders, alittle straght in front angulations. Body with goog proportions and strong of ribs. Well angulated in rear. A little short in crop. Good coat. Good front movement, moves a little narrow behind and could also have better drive"

Maya: "feminine bitch, very good type, nice feminine head, good ridge, houlder & neck. Could have better topline, little bit low tailset. could be better angulated in front. Good body for age, little bit long in loin, . Today she is not very good balanced, excellent movement. Today not the best coat"

"8 year old, feminine bitch in very good condition, lovely head & expression, very good topline, well angulated and well bodied. A plasure to see her in movement, very good size and proportions, very good coat"

Photo: Mia Hipeli


22.1.2017 Turku, INT Show. Hippo (O. Josper Jovial) very good in junior class, Jokke (O. Jolly Joker) very good in junior class, Ropi (O. Harald) second +excellent in working with CC qualilty and Irma (O. Bon Arrivee) Best in Breed Veteran. judge: Richard Bott, UK

Hippo: "Strong head. Would prefer darker eye. Good neck & sholders. A little short in forearm. Good ribs. Good bend of stifle. A little proud of his tail. Soft coat. Movement was not fluint"

Jokke: coming....

Masculine head. A little broad in skull. Strong neck. Front angulations OK. Good ribs & loin. Good topline & tail. Strong quarters. Good coat, covered the ground on the move but close behind"

Irma: "Nice type of bitch. Clean in outline. Good sixe of substance. Feminin head and expression. Good rear of neck. Good angulations on both ends. Good topline and tailsat. Moved very well. Lovely coat in condition"

Thannks for everybody!

14.1.2017 J-litter at us: Hippo, Laku, Oona,  Roope and Tarmo




Laku ja Tarmo


3.1.2017 Happpy New Year 2017!