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13.12.2014 Ropi (O. Harald) and Wenla (O. Giulia) came for a visit. Thanks for a nice day!

Ropi (O.Harald) 5 months

Wenla (O.Giulia) 9 months

13.12.2014 A-litter 9 years
6.12.2014 Helsinki-Winner - show. Poju (O. Galanthus) BOB puppy and  Doris (O. Glendora) BOS puppy, also Wenla (O. Giulia) was present - she was second after in the class. Judge: Jens Karlsson, Sweden

Poju (O. Galanthus)

Doris (O.Glendora)

Wenla (O.Giulia)
30.11.2014 F-litter two years!
14.11.2014 Happy birthday B-litter!
28.10.2014 H-litter happening at our home. Bella + 5 of her children were  present and also Miina from Bella´s family.  Girls: Hellu (Helene), Luna (Harriet) ja Wilma (Henriette), boys: Hamlet ja Hector (Hermes) and Miina (Mellow´s Ruby Tuesday, 12v).

Lot of thanks for a nice day!

25.10.2014 Lohja. Pupppy ja veteren - show. Thanks for all of you! Doris, Gira, Wenla and Poju from G-litter + Emma (Loresho Real Romance).
28.9.2014 Blood tracking test in Loppi. Molly (O. Fleur Noire) second price in open class with  39points., judge: Satu Savolainen-Pulli.
9.9.2014 Happy birthday D-Litter!
7.9.2014 Renko blood tracking test. Aulikki (O. De La Rose) no points in winner class, judge: Mari Tilles
  Helsinki, Club Show, org. Labrador Retriever Club of Finland. Whole G-litter was present and also Irma ja Emma. Puppies 5-7 month: males: Benzi (O. Gaio Mio) second and  Poju (O. Galanthus) third, judge: Rebecca Hodge, UK, Puppies 5-7 months bitches: Doris (O. Glendora) third ja Wenla (O. Giulia) fourth, tuomari: Rebecca Hodge, UK.  Special veteran class over 10 months: Emma (Loresho Real  Romance) fifth, judge: Sander Nugteren, NL

kuva yllä: Nina Hovi
24.8.2014 Loimaa, Blood tracking test, Aulikki (O. De La Rose) second price in winner class with 37p. and  Irma (O. Bon Arrivee) third price in winner class with 22p. judge: Mari Mamia
16.8.2014 Raisio, all breed show. Late (O. Calimero). Second in open class with excellent and CC quality, finaly also best male fourth. Judge: Yvonne Jaussi, Switzerland
3.8.2014 Eurajoki Field tracking: Irma (O. Bon Arrivee) 1 p. in winner class with 45/50 points and Aulikki (O. De La Rose) first price in open class with 45/50 points. Judges: Taina Ketola in open class and Juha Pelttari in winner class
3.8.2014 Field work test in Kemiö. Olli (O. Fidelio) NOU1, judge: Risto Aaltonen
26.7.2014 Irma (O. Bon Arrivee) excellent in CH class,  Adazi, Latvia. judge: Nikolina Davidovska, Bulgaria
20.7.2014 Mäntsälä all breed show. Aulikki (O. De La Rose) very good and third in working class,  Irma (O. Bon Arrivee) second in CH class and also best bitch second, Emma very good in veteran class, judge: Pekka Teini
9.7.2014 G-litter´s meeting at our home
7.7.2014 Puppies born! More information in H-litter page here
8.6.2014 Group show in Lohja. Marvel (O. Besame Mucho). Was fourth in open class wiht excellent. Judge: Pia Itkonen
7.6.2014 Group show in Sauvo. Bella (O. Eau De Rose) was first in open clsass with excellent, CC quality and also best bitch fourth with RES CC, Aulikki (O. De La Rose) was second in working class with excellent, Irma was first in champion class with excellent and CC quality and also best bitch first and finally BOB! Emma was first in vetaran class with excellent and BOB veteran and also BIS2 veteran!. Judge Riitta Niemelä / labradors and Helin Kasuk-Tenson / BIS veteran
4.6.2014 G-litter´s meeting at our home
2.6.2014 Bella (O. Donna Bella) has been mated and is in whelp. We are expecting a litter in beginning of July. More information in H-litter´s page. Here
25.5.2014 Int show in Järvenpää. Aulikki (O. De La Rose) was first in working clsass with CC quality
17.5.2014 Specialty show for sevice dogs in Helsinki. Aulikki (O. De La Rose) was second in working class with excellent + CC quality and Bella (O. Donna Bella) was first in open class with excellent and CC quality and also best bitch third. Judge: Paula Rekiranta
11.5.2014 Blood tarcking in Eurajoki. Aulikki (O. De La Rose) got second and Irma (O. Bon Arrivee) third price. Judge: Kari Grönman
27.4.2014 Blood tracking in Uusikaupunki. Aulikki got second price in open class. Judge: Kari Grönman
8.3.2014 G-Litter was born; 2 balck boys and 4 black girls
5.3.2014 Donna is doing well, let´s see... next week
6.2.2014 Donna (O. Donna Mia) has been mated. We are expecting a black (brown) litter.
Sire FI CH Naiken Xavier
1.2.2014 Specialty show for labradors in Hyvinkää. Elli (O. Emilie) excellent in intermediate class and  Molly (O. Fleur Noire) very good in junior class. Judge Penny Carpanini, UK
25.1.-5.2. Having holiday in Lapland. Also Unna (O. Flora Mia, from Lapland) joined us to our tours.

19.1.2014 Int show in Turku. Molly (O. Fleur Noire) excellent in junior class, Irma (O. Bon Arrivee) excellent in champion class and Emma (Loresho Real Romance) excellent in veteran class with CC quality, also BOB VETERAN. Judge: Antonio Di Lorenzo, Italia.
1.1.2014 Happy New Year 2014!